Monday, December 19, 2011


Abangan ang walang katapusang kwento ni Luz at Fermin sa Nelendangan !


I have started a blog series related to Typhoon Sendong.

typhoon warnings: switching from wind to rain. Here I propose the importance of weather forecast that is based on rainfall not on winds like PAGASA is doing.
topography of flashfloods. I tried to illustrate how topography influence behavior of water flow that can cause flashfloods. I used the Cagayan de Oro and Davao flashfloods as cases
using rainfall to save yourself from flooding. I have illustrated a possible alternative in using  rainfall forecast to predict possible flooding in a locality without expensive flood warning system

Coming up: after the floods, now what?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Board exam series

Read the board exam series in Mijn visie voor USM:

Tip to top, tips on how to top the board exam
It's also about team play, how the student community can help you succeed
bored teachers, how can your teachers play a role in your board exam
administravision, how can the university management can play a role
sisihan at hugasan ng kamay, how social malady in a university spoil a student's chances in the board exam

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meupiya na andaw!

Thoughts unrestraint. It is in this state of mind where creativity flows. The blogs herein relates to different persona of the author. The wandering of thoughts mean to advise if not amuse the readers.

Ang pakikipagsapalaran ni BatMan is a blog dedicated to my personal account as a member of the ethnic minority, my travels, my fears, my hopes, my observations on the environment around me

Mijn visie voor USM outlines what I think about my work in a university, dreams about higher education in the Philippines in general.

Quo Vadis Bayaws? relates my visions about agricultural engineering in the Philippines, our struggle as a profession.

I invite you to join me in sailing my cognitive world!

Indiwar Mamasapikir
P.S. "Saliling" means the one who advise